Purchase & Refund Policy

Purchase Policy

SJV Creative Entertainments Ltd trading as Pickmyshow ("Pickmyshow", "we", "us, "our") is a company registered in Ireland under CRO number 628909, with registered offices at UNIT 8, BIRCH HOUSE, ROSEMOUNT BUSINESS PARK, BALLYCOOLIN, DUBLIN 11, D11A9FP.

  1. This "Purchase Policy" sets out the terms and conditions applicable to any purchases you make from Pickmyshow. If you are making a purchase online, this Purchase Policy also incorporates our Terms of Use. Our Terms use the term “Event”, can be an event or movie, "Organiser," is event/movie creators using the Services to create events/movies displayed on the Services for users using our Services to consume information about or attend Events/Movies ("users"), or for any other reason. Organisers, users and third parties using our Services are all referred to in these Terms collectively as "Users," "you" or "your."
  2. Pickmyshow sells event/movie tickets ("Tickets") and associated products and services on behalf of event or movie organisers, promoters, venues, producers, artists/performers, agents, teams, record labels and other persons involved in the organisation of events (users).
  3. We sell Tickets as and when they are allocated to us by users, and in accordance with their instructions. The number and type of tickets allocated for sale by us vary on an event by event basis. Pickmyshow sells tickets from several channels including online web portal, phone bookings, ticket outlets and all channels use our central booking system and ticket repository.
  4. User must be 18 years old more to purchase tickets from Pickmyshow web portal. You can create an account with us if would like to, where you can update your preferences. You must a credit or debit card on your name to purchase your tickets.
  5. Each purchase made on our website is accountable to our Purchase and Refund Policy, Terms of Use given on the portal as well as event specific policies applied by organisers (users) and terms & Conditions of event area management.
  6. As soon as your booking is confirmed, a contract is made between you and Pickmyshow, which is valid right from booking confirmation time until event is complete and you have agreed all terms.
  7. All transactions are accountable to credit or debit card verification if necessary, other security checks, and collection of payment by us. We may cancel your transaction if it fails verification or if the payment is not paid in full.
  8. Unauthorised usage of any automated software or devices, any illegal activity on our web portal is restricted. Pickmyshow reserves the right to cancel such purchases/transactions which are suspected as fraud transactions without any notice and such orders will be void. We reserve the right to perform further checks to verify the transactions.
  9. Ticket Prices and Fee
    • VAT is included in all prices for tickets we offer. Each transaction price may include the sale price of the ticket and Booking Processing Fee.
    • In some cases, errors might happen in terms of ticket prices though we try to ensure all ticket prices are accurate. If we find or are notified such errors you will be notified as soon as possible and give you the option of confirming your order at the correct price (in which case we will credit or debit you as applicable) or cancelling your order (in which case you will receive a full refund). If we are unable to contact you to confirm your order at the correct price, you agree that we may treat the order as cancelled and issue you with a full refund.
  10. Ticket Restrictions
    • Event organisers hold the authority of any tickets bought on Pickmyshow website and they may refuse the admission for various reasons. In such situations, your amount is refunded except the booking processing fee as we still need to pay our payment providers.
    • We reserve the right to set the limit for purchasing to a specified number of tickets for any event or movie. We restrict the users to prevent unfair ticket buying practices. Restrictions are applied based on person name, account name, location, event or any other identifiable parameter. We reserve the right to cancel any order(s) for Tickets purchased in excess of the relevant limits without notice.
    • Tickets purchased on our web portal are not for resale. Any such transactions are not considered as original sale, hence event or movie organisers have full authority to refuse or grand the admission. Such refused purchases cannot be refunded unless otherwise requested by the organisers.
  11. Payment Methods

    Pickmyshow accepts

    • Visa [credit or debit], MasterCard [credit or debit].
    • Sofort payment method [Klarna] for Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherland, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, and Spain.
    • Other payment methods may be added from time to time.

    Pickmyshow acts as the agent to those who are promoting the events for which you purchase tickets ("Event Organizer") and for movie halls (Cinemas). When you purchase a ticket for an event/movie, Pickmyshow will be handling the transaction and collecting payment for the organizer/Cinema.

  12. Security

    Your credit and debit card information is securely entered on Stripe secure channel. None of your sensitive credit information is stored on Pickmyshow servers. On Stripe server, all card numbers are encrypted at rest with AES-256. Decryption keys are stored on separate machines. None of Stripe’s internal servers and daemons are able to obtain plaintext card numbers; instead, they can just request that cards be sent to a service provider on a static whitelist. Stripe’s infrastructure for storing, decrypting, and transmitting card numbers runs in separate hosting infrastructure, and doesn’t share any credentials with Stripe’s primary services.

  13. Timings and Admission Process
    • Event or Show timings mentioned on the website may change. This is subject to change due to unexpected circumstances such as weather conditions, delay in delivery of movie prints. This does not make the organisers to be obliged to refund funds or exchange tickets.
    • In order to provide safety precautions, the event management or organiser may conduct security searches of you and may refuse admission to patrons breaching or suspected of breaching any terms and conditions of the event.
    • The unauthorised use of cameras and recording equipment at events is strictly prohibited. Any unauthorised photos, videos and/or recordings may be destroyed or deleted.
    • Breach of any of venue terms and conditions or any unacceptable behaviour likely to cause damage. Event Organisers have authority to remove you from the venue. Event or Movie organisers reserve the right to refuse admission to the venue, or to remove any person from the venue for reasons of public safety.
    • Unless expressly authorised by the relevant Event Partner, there will be no pass-outs or re-admissions of any kind.
    • By attending an event, you consent to being filmed and/or recorded and may be featured as members of the audience in any resulting footage or recordings.
  14. Event or Movie Cancellation or Rescheduling
    • Occasionally, events are canceled or postponed by the organiser due to unexpected circumstances. Should this occur, we will attempt to contact you and refund the amount as per the policy of the organizer.
    • If the event is rescheduled due to unexpected circumstances, Pickmyshow will notify you as soon as possible and can swap the tickets with rescheduled event. If you do not want attend the same, you will be offered full refund. Failure to inform us within specified time that you cannot make it to, you will not be entitled to claim a refund.
  15. Order Confirmation

      If you do not receive a confirmation number and email (in the form of a confirmation page or email) after submitting payment information, or if you experience an error message or service interruption after submitting payment information, it is your responsibility to confirm the same form your booking history or with the Customer Service whether or not your order has been placed. Only you may be aware of any problems that may occur during the purchase process. Pickmyshow will not be responsible for losses (monetary or otherwise) if you assume that an order was not placed because you failed to receive confirmation.

      Note: Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded after purchase, save as set out in this Purchase Policy. However, this Purchase Policy does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. For further information about your statutory rights.

Refund Policy

Please note Refund policies are vary from organiser to organiser and Pickmyshow follows the instructions given by the organisers. Each event or movie page may be set out with organiser specific refund policies. Please review these policies before you make any purchases.

  1. Refund Process

    In order to initiate a refund request, Pickmyshow instructs users to contact the Organiser directly as set forth in the Organiser's applicable refund policy. Each event or movie page contains organiser contact information. If you are unable to reach them, please contact our customer service. This might take time to get the response from organiser.

  2. Pickmyshow Review

    In the event that Organiser fails to honor a refund that a Consumer believes is due under the applicable refund policy and/or the minimum requirements set forth above, that Consumer may request that Pickmyshow initiate a refund. Pickmyshow will review the facts and circumstances and determine whether or not a refund is due in accordance with the applicable refund policy and the minimum requirements set forth above.